Cord-Cutting – 1 Year Later Review

{ Posted on Jun 02 2015 by Sherri }
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It's been about a year since my husband and I cancelled our Cogeco cable service. We had a DVR and a single choice package and it came to about $90/month. With now two children, this money was needed elsewhere. Plus, ...Read More »

Marketing Your Website: You Can Build It – But Will They Come?

{ Posted on Mar 04 2015 by Sherri }
Originally Written for in approximately 2010 You've heard it before: a website will increase sales, assist current and new clients, and improve your company's image and competitiveness. You've got a website... so where are the visitors and why aren't you ...Read More »

PHP Password Security and Storage

{ Posted on Mar 04 2015 by Sherri }
Originally Written for in approximately 2009 Introduction How secure IS secure enough? There's no such thing. Period. Even the most secure systems created by the top experts can have a weak point. Despite the fact that passwords need to be treated ...Read More »

New Project – Roboid: A Browser RPG

{ Posted on Jan 15 2015 by Sherri }
While parenthood is keeping the personal side of life busier than ever, professionally things have been rolling but not, you know, exciting. Last summer I was struck by the urge to combine my two loves, programming and gaming. However for ...Read More »

Windows to Ubuntu Linux #2: Installation Tips (Video Series)

{ Posted on Nov 04 2014 by Sherri }
I've posted the second video in my series on migrating from Windows to Ubuntu. This video covers a good guide to the installation process, as well as special things to consider and watch for as you install Ubuntu on your ...Read More »

DIY Card Game Box Organizer – Fantasy Flight LCG

{ Posted on Oct 06 2014 by Sherri }
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My husband and I are really enjoying Fantasy Flight's Living Card Game for Lord Of The Rings. Many other Fantasy Flight card games also come in the same size box such as: Android Netrunner, A Game of Thrones, Warhammer Invasion, ...Read More »

Creating An Ubuntu USB Boot Stick With UNetBootIn (Video)

{ Posted on Apr 14 2014 by Sherri }
To install Ubuntu Linux to your computer you will need to create a bootable disk or USB drive to install from. This process involves downloading the Ubuntu iso (installation) file and writing it to a CD or USB stick. If ...Read More »

Migrating From Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux #1 (Video Series)

{ Posted on Apr 11 2014 by Sherri }
As many people may be aware, Windows XP has reached it's end of life for Microsoft support. This means that as of April 2014, Microsoft will no longer be publishing updates to fix bugs or security issues. In a few ...Read More »

Hosted Issue Tracking: FogBugz and BitBucket (JIRA)

{ Posted on May 03 2013 by Sherri }
About 4 years ago, I wrote a blog post about my search for an open source PHP bug tracking solution. I settled on FlySpray and I was only using it casually. I never fully committed to using it because it ...Read More »

Why Don’t Android Games Have Instructions?

{ Posted on Feb 21 2013 by Sherri }
My husband and I have a couple Android mobile devices and often enjoy casual gaming on them. We've noticed over many various downloads, that a big chunk of games and apps do not come with instructions, or even a link ...Read More »